a glance at what we do

* Support, Educate and Empower Moms of LGBTQ Kids and the LGBTQ Community

* Provide a private online community for Moms of LGBTQ kids to Connect, Ask questions and Share

* Provide Comprehensive Resources for Parents of LGBTQ Kids

* Provide opportunities for members to advocate for LGBTQ People

* Support LGBTQ People by being a loving presence in the life of those who have lost support due to their LGBTQ status

* Send handmade blankets and bracelets to LGBTQ Community Members needing encouragement and love

* Stand in at weddings or other special events as requested

* Offer access to regional Mama Bear Groups that provide opportunities for members to get together in person

* Recognize individuals, institutions, businesses and other organizations that are working for the equality, inclusion and protection of LGBTQ People

*Support, Educate & Empower LGBTQ allies. 

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