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Mama Bear Blanket Project: Welcome

Safe Spaces

Safe spaces are created when staff and educators let their LGBTQ+ students know they are an ally by displaying a visible sign of support. Hanging a rainbow flag or a safe space poster or sticker on a door, in an office or a classroom can accomplish this. Research shows that just knowing there is a supportive educator or staff member at school can help LGBTQ+ students feel better and safer 
about being in school.

Our Mama Bear Safe Space Poster and Safe Space Sticker are great for offices and classrooms. 

GLSEN's Safe Space Kit can help educators and school administrators create a safe space for LGBTQ youth in schools. The kit includes a guide with concrete strategies that will help support LGBTQ students, educate about anti-LGBTQ bias and advocate for changes. The kit also includes a Safe Space Poster that can be hung in a classroom or office.

More Safer School Resources

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