GSA Clubs

GSA Clubs (Gender-Sexuality Alliance Clubs) are student led clubs for LGBTQ+ and straight students that can provide a space for students to exchange information, find or offer support, socialize, discuss concerns, and organize events to raise awareness.
GSAs help make schools safer for all students by providing support, educating others in your school about LGBTQ+ issues, and engaging in awareness activities like the national Day of Silence. 

The presence of GSA clubs proves to have a positive effect on the health, wellness, and academic performance of all students. 

GSAs also allow LGBTQ+ and straight students to work together to take on issues that affect all students, including harassment and discrimination based on sexual orientation, gender identity, and gender expression.

Like any club, what a GSA does is up to its members, but it often includes regular meetings featuring guest speakers, pitching in on community service projects and getting together for social activities.

For information about starting a GSA or GSA activities, download GLSEN's Jump-Start Guide.

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