How to use the Mama Bear Safer Schools Program

Many times LGBTQ+ students don't get the support, respect and protection they deserve at school.

The Mama Bear Safer Schools program provides a free printable flyer with 5 tips (or talking points) to create safer schools for LGBTQ+ students.  

We recommend setting a meeting with a school administrator or teacher at your local school and taking our free flyer with you to the meeting.

In the first meeting go over the 5 tips and find out what is in place and what is missing. If policies are missing choose one or two missing policies to discuss, agree to do some research and get back in touch with the administrator or teacher for a second meeting with some suggestions and possible solutions. 


Sometimes all it takes is a few friendly conversations to create a spark that will lead to positive change.

Together we can make schools safer for our LGBTQ+ kids. 

Access our free flyer

The 5 talking points

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